Factual Information About Human Immunodeficiency Virus

early-stage-symptoms-of-hiv-aidsThe number of cases of people who are infected with HIV and AIDS is increasing. The more people are engaging in unprotected sex, the more it lacks awareness to the community. Putting a stop to it is not the solution, but one thing that you need to do is to share a complete advocacy to assist people who are affected. There is no other way to let everyone know regarding the disease but to have someone testify his or her life story. Through their life story, it is now the beginning of awareness for every individual who hears and learn from the testimony.

The attack of the virus is very harsh as it will slowly kill your entire human body system. It will then weaken your immune system and once this happens your antibodies will then fight. If the virus is too strong to be handled, it is most likely that your body will start to deteriorate until such time that you will have to undergo certain difficulties in the respiratory system.

There is no known cause for the cure of HIV, but treatments are provided to diminish the virus that is found in the body. Through the treatment, this will prolong the life of the person who has the disease in taking the medications. The end stage of HIV infection is AIDS. This is the time that your body is no longer capable of doing its normal tasks, and this is also the time that your body will begin to deteriorate. Affecting first the Respiratory system until such time that every part of your body is affected by the virus. The amount of virus in this stage is very high; that is why medical health care teams should have their first line antidote while on duty to a communicable disease ward. Its purpose of the medication is to solely protect the health care team and the people that surround them.

How are you going to acquire HIV infection?

Hiv infection is normally found in the blood and body fluids of the carrier this includes vaginal secretions, semen and anal secretions, breast milk and blood. The virus is very fragile as this does not survive outside the body system.


You must understand that you cannot acquire HIV infection through urine and sweat. You can get HIV infection if you are not using any protection while you arehiv-and-aids having sex. And if you do not know more about your partner, most likely you will have an HIV infection. Multiple sex partners without any protection are not far from getting the disease. That is why it is encouraged to stay celibate while you are not married.

What are other ways for you to get HIV infection?

This is through the use of shared and contaminated needles, transmission from mother to fetus during the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding as well. There is a lower chance of doing oral sex and the use of shared sex toys.

What are ways for you to be tested for HIV infection?

Once you know that you have engaged in unprotected sex with someone that you feel that have the disease, do
not hesitate to go to your nearest testing center. The earlier the detection, the better it is for you to be treated right away. Prophylaxis is given for you to stop spreading the virus. The benefit of early detection is for it to be controlled. Most HIV testings are done three times before you are considered to have HIV infection. To improve the longevity of one’s life, it is important that you can have yourself tested before everything is too late.