r164946_610442Thank you for visiting our website. To have a basic knowledge of our team, we are a team of a non-government organization that supports HIV cases. It has been 15 years that we have handled cases and have promoted awareness of HIV to the community through a discussion as to how to cope up with the illness, first line medications once diagnosed and confirmed and a thorough discussion of the support system such as the family of the affected member of HIV.

We feel the need to reach out to people with the disease because we know how it feels to be rejected by the society and even to our very loved ones. Most of the members of our organization share the same testimony with regards to the disease and how they have coped up during the time they have known about it. With the age group that has been affected by HIV, there is an increased number of mortality because of having to acquire the disease is very depressing.

That is why imposing awareness to the community should be reinforced to avoid the increase of death rate among young adults. Do you have more questions or clarifications, please message us at the Contact us and let us know how you feel?